Formalities for Peruvians living in Denmark. 

DNI - can be made in this consulate by appointment only 

If you have moved to Denmark, we recommend you change your address in your DNI

As you know it is compulsory to vote and in case you do not, you will receive a fine. You can prevent this fine if you register your address in Denmark. However, you can be asked to do instalación de mesa de votación in Denmark and be fined if you do not comply.

You can only make document procedures with a valid DNI. 

When young Peruvians are 17 years, it is obligatory to get an adult DNI. When they are 18 years old, they automatically are registered voters. 


  1. Three (3) professionel fotos fotografías size 35 x 45 mm in colours, from the front, with white background, without glasses or any cover of the head apart from religious artifacts (automatic machine fotos are not accepted ) 
  2. Print of payment of SEK 84 for renewal or change of address - see bank details here - Important: the exact amount must be in the account - the consulate in Sweden do not pay for any fees incurring in this transfer. You may also pay the Swedish Crowns in cash at the appointment.  
  3. For the return of the new DNI: Swedish Crowns 150 in cash - you may get them in a foreign exchange like e.g. Forex in Hovedbanegården in Copenhagen. Please note that the notes are new and valid like these
  4. A small envelope with your name and address for the return
  5. For payment of sending the documents with ordinary surface mail to the consulate in Stockholm, you pay DKK 40 (in cash or MobilePay) directly to the consulate in Denmark.  
  6. Present your DNI 

Formalities in the links below are made at the consulate in the embassy in Stockholm: 

Pasaport is a personal appointment as it is biometric

Trámites notariales

Registros Civiles 

Antecedentes Penales